Waiting List Policies & Procedures

Empower Learn Create exists to provide quality family-centered child care for children of students, staff and faculty of the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University with additional spaces made available to the community at large. The management of the waiting list is based on the philosophy that we will make every effort to provide services to the families affiliated with the universities and will accommodate the child care needs for siblings of current recipients as possible. ELC is committed to serving a diverse population of children and families in our program.

A. Admission to the Waiting List

  1. A family applying must be pregnant, have a child or have completed an application for adoption.
  2. There is a $55.00 non-refundable registration fee due with the application.  Payment must be received in order to be placed on the list; processing of payment is confirmation that your waitlist form was received.  If a family receives assistance from a public agency, the $55.00 registration fee is waived.  Proof of assistance must accompany application.
  3. If the applicant is a university student, staff, or faculty, a copy of the identification card must accompany the waiting list form. 

B. Priorities for Service:

  1. Siblings of university families currently enrolled in the program.
  2. University students receiving CCAMPIS funding.
  3. Students, staff, and faculty of the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University.
  4. Siblings of community families currently enrolled in the program.
  5. Cincinnati Preschool Promise recipients.
  6. Community at large.

C. Structure of the Waiting List:

  1. There are actually several waiting lists.  They are divided by ages.  The children are moved to a new list at the appropriate age (Infant-3 months to 18 months, Toddler-18 months to 3 years, Preschooler 3 years to 5 years, Schoolager 5 years to 9 years).
  2. When a child is moved from one list to another, the date of application or date of last refusal is used to determine spot on list.

D. Placement on the list:

  1. The sibling with the earliest date of application will receive the first spot on the appropriate age list.  If moved to another list, the date of application determines placement on the new list.  Change in lists may result in a revised number on the new list.
  2. The non-sibling applicants are placed below all sibling applicants.  This group is also arranged by date of application.
  3. A sibling on the wait list is moved to the non-sibling list if all enrolled siblings have left the program.
  4. Submitting a wait list form does not guarantee a spot.

E. Offers:

  1. Placement offers are made by the Executive Director or other designee.
  2. Once an offer has been made, generally, the family has 24 hours to accept or decline the placement.
  3. Families accepting offers will review and follow tuition and registration procedures.
  4. Families may not request a particular teacher or classroom.
  5. After the third refusal of a space, the application will be removed from the waiting list.